Symela is a dedicated and accomplished fashion designer and creative director originally from Greece, now calling London, UK, her creative home. Her design ethos revolves around the celebration of individuality and authenticity, and she achieves this through her expertise in sculptural techniques and innovative sportswear creations. Symela's sustainable fashion line rests on three essential principles: a dedication to zero waste exploration, a preference for eco-friendly materials, and a talent for breathing new life into fabric remnants. Her designs resonate with mindful consumers who cherish self-expression and aren't afraid to embrace their unique style.
During her academic journey, Symela's unique talent and perspective earned recognition from the fashion industry. She had the privilege of showcasing her work at the LCF2020 Press show and received acknowledgment from ShowStudio and Nick Knight as one of the 22 graduate students to watch. Additionally, British Vogue personally invited Symela to reimagine Barbie and contribute to their September 2020 issue.
Symela's professional journey began with her collaboration with Christiana Hadjipapa, a London-based brand specializing in genderless ready-to-wear clothing. Since 2021, she has been an integral part of the brand's growth, working closely with the creative director. In 2022, Symela co-founded "The Innov.Art Show," a platform dedicated to supporting emerging artists and designers, providing them with valuable opportunities to showcase their work across London. This initiative reflects her enduring commitment to nurturing emerging talent and fostering creativity in the arts.
Beyond her fashion design career, Symela has lent her creative direction and styling talents to several esteemed titles and brands, including Vogue Arabia, L'Officiel, Flanelle Magazine, and Design Scene. These diverse experiences have enriched her skills and further established her as a versatile and dedicated professional in the fashion industry.

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