Symela is an emerging Greek graduate designer currently based in London, UK. Her design philosophy centers around celebrating individuality and authenticity, which is achieved through the use of sculptural techniques and wearable sportswear garments. Symela's sustainable fashion line is based on three fundamental pillars: zero waste exploration, the use of eco-friendly materials, and fabric remnants. Her innovative and ethically made designs are aimed at conscious customers who value individual expression and are unafraid to stand out from the crowd.
During her graduation year, Symela's talent and unique perspective caught the attention of the fashion industry. She was selected for the LCF2020 Press show and shortlisted by ShowStudio and Nick Knight as one of the 22 graduate students to watch. In addition, Symela was handpicked by British Vogue to reimagine Barbie and create garments for their September 2020 issue.
Symela's first professional design experience was with Christiana Hadjipapa, an emerging brand based in London that creates genderless ready-to-wear clothing. She has been involved with the growth of the brand since 2021 and continues to work alongside the creative director. In 2022, Symela co-founded "The Innov.Art Show," a platform that provides up-and-coming artists and designers with the opportunity to showcase their work in prime locations throughout London. This initiative reflects her commitment to supporting emerging talent and promoting creativity in the arts.
In addition to her fashion design career, Symela has worked as a Creative Director and Stylist for numerous titles and brands, including Vogue Arabia, L'officiel, Flanelle Magazine, and Design Scene. Her diverse experiences have honed her skills and reinforced her position as a versatile and talented fashion professional.
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